Bushnell Park Is Here For You

Safe to Play, or Sing or Read….
Bushnell Park is here for you. At a time when parks offer so much that we need right now, Hartford’s only downtown park needs your help to keep our 37 acres and over 450 trees well-cared for.

Bushnell Park is a safe oasis for natural social distancing. More than ever, Bushnell Park is enjoyed daily for walking, running, biking, yoga, or just sitting and watching the world go by. We are happy to say that many events are returning this year, and we need your help in keeping Bushnell Park clean, vibrant and beuatiful for all to enjoy. Thank you for your support!

Other Opportunties to Donate

Weidenmann Tree Society

The Weidenmann Tree Society tree management program is named for Jacob Weidenmann, the landscape architect who designed the Park. With 37 acres and more than 460 trees today, over the years Bushnell Park has seen hundreds of trees lost to damage, disease, drought, climate change, air pollution and extreme weather. Read more here and donate today.

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