Each year, thousands of people enjoy the park engaging in the following activities:

– Informal games of volleyball, cricket and Frisbee
– Friends and families enjoying picnics, riding the carousel, walking their dogs, and watching movies
– Activities for all ages – yoga, ice skating, road races and more
– Regional and local music and cultural festivals

For more than 35 years, the Bushnell Park Foundation has worked hard to preserve and enhance this historic treasure in the heart of downtown. We are asking our friends and neighbors to support this important work we do for the park that you use and love so much.

Please make a gift of support to keep the park vibrant and healthy.

Dollard Pavilion/Friends of Jack Donation  

The Bushnell Park Foundation is happy to take donations in support of the Dollard Pavilion in the Bushnell Park Carousel.  Jack Dollard, a well-known and much loved supporter of Hartford, was instrumental in bringing the carousel to Bushnell Park in 1974.  With the addition of a beautiful function room to the carousel, several of Jack’s longtime friends have established this fund to have the room named for Jack and will install several panels that honor Jack and give the history of the carousel.

Thank you in advance for your donation and we look forward to seeing you at the dedication of the Dollard Pavilion in the fall of 2019.


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