City of Hartford Launches Improvements to Bushnell Park

Park Remains Open During Improvements

Contractors working on behalf of the City of Hartford will begin work this April in Bushnell Park.  The project, known as “Bushnell Park Site Improvements” will replace sidewalks and provide new lighting on the east side of the Park.  The planned improvements will maintain existing sidewalk routes and will improve lighting quality with historically appropriate lighting fixtures.  The project is funded through a CT DEEP grant and matching funds from the Hartford Parks Trust Fund.  The design and implementation of improvements are being coordinated with the Bushnell Park Foundation and the iQuilt Partnership.

Work will begin west of the Hoadley Gate entrance near Wells Street and Gold Street and will proceed west by the Pond towards the Carousel.  The final phases of the work will shift south towards Elm Street and the Pump House.  Construction is expected occur in phases through most of 2021.  Work will be conducted weekdays within the hours of 7 am and 5 pm. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout construction with minor detours provided through the park.  The park will remain open during construction and visitors are urged to keep distance from construction activities.

The City will provide regular updates regarding the status of work through the course of this year’s construction. The City is also working towards obtaining funding for improvements to the west side of the park (west of Trinity Street) and is aiming to provide sidewalk and lighting improvements in that area in 2022.